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Submissions are listed in their respective categories. To Read them, simply hover over the “Read and Rate Submissions” link above and select the category of your choice. To rate them, simply click on the number of stars (located beneath each work) that you believe it is worth. To help keep things fair and honest, authors are prevented from rating their own work and only one rating is allowed per work from each IP address.

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Submission Guidelines

Congruent Spaces Magazine is currently seeking original and unique Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and Literary/Mainstream Short Fiction (up to 2,500 words) and Poetry (any style, up to 120 lines).

  • All works must be your own creations. No fan fiction/shared world submissions.
  • All work must be suitable for a PG rated internet audience.
  • All works must be submitted in English.
  • Previously published works are acceptable.
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable.
  • Multiple submissions of different works are acceptable. Each work must be submitted individually.
  • Multiple submissions of the same work in one or more categories are not allowed.
  • Format your work as you would have it appear to readers. Do not include any information that you would not want to be read by the public. Submissions are subject to a ratings system.
  • All works must adhere to the CongruentSpaces.com terms of use.

See Themes and Contests for special submissions and requirements.



How to Submit Your Work

To submit your work for consideration in Congruent Spaces Magazine, you must register in our Writer’s Lair. Once you have registered and logged in to our Writer’s Lair, a submission form will appear in the right-hand column. To use the WYSIWYG editor, click on the “visual editor” button in this form.

  • Be sure to accurately edit your work before submitting it, as you will not have the opportunity to edit it once it has been submitted.
  • Be sure to format your work as you would have it appear to readers. Submissions are subject to a ratings system.
  • Include appropriate tags for your work. This will help searchers find your work.
  • Select the most appropriate category for your work. Multiple submissions of the same work to different categories are considered spam, and this is a violation of the CongruentSpaces.com terms of use.

For detailed instructions, visit Submission Instructions in our Writer’s Forum.




Congruent Spaces Magazine is currently paying one special contributor’s copy of our magazine in PDF format, plus a one month free membership to our online magazine where you will have access to previous editions of our magazine. Although we may, at our sole discretion, offer additional recompense at any time, any such payment is not guaranteed. Nor does any such payment guarantee future payments. It is my hope and initial goal to generate enough income through sales of the magazine to be able to offer guaranteed payment for future volumes.


Magazine Rights

When you submit your work to Congruent Spaces Magazine through CongruentSpaces.com you agree, should your work be selected for inclusion in Congruent Spaces Magazine, to grant Congruent Spaces Magazine the right to publish your work in a single issue of Congruent Spaces Magazine, in multiple formats. This includes the right to publish the issue in which your work appears both individually and packaged together with other issues.

Single Issue: You grant Congruent Spaces Magazine the right to publish your work in one edition or issue of Congruent Spaces Magazine.

Multiple Format: You grant Congruent Spaces Magazine the right to publish your work (in one issue of congruent Spaces Magazine) in multiple formats for different electronic devices and readers.*

*After initial testing, we have decided to use smashwords as the primary platform for publishing the retail editions of our magazine. This will allow us to format our magazine a single time for publication in the widest possible variety of electronic formats (including PDF, Mobi and Epub) and have it distributed through major retailers (such as the Kindle on Amazon.com, the Nook through Barnes & Noble and iBooks through Apple) rather than having to format each issue multiple times ourselves for each individual retailer.


Removal From Consideration

To remove your story and/or poem for consideration for an upcoming issue of Congruent Spaces magazine: simply 1) log in, 2) go to your Lounge inbox (“My Inbox”), 3) send a note to Webmaster with the word “remove” in the subject line, and 4) a detailed description of the work you would like  removed in the body of the eMail.* Using the site eMail helps us ensure that the one who posted the story and/or poem is requesting its removal.

*Note: Works already accepted for publication will not be removed from  the website. Accepted works are currently hidden from public view.


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