Current Issue: glossy black cover

glossy black cover

Issue 10: glossy black cover available from:

Amazon (Kindle) Barnes & Noble (Nook)


In This Issue:

Hand to Hand and Manifestations (Poems) by Jeffrey Park

Uprising and At the Estuary (Poems) by Changming Yuan

Here’s Your Cocaine and Just an Aftertaste…. (Poems) by Beth Gutierrez

The Dream Queen (Fantasy Fiction) by R.M. DuChene

Eclipse at the Gates (Poem) by Jason Ford

Toxicity (Poem) by Jacob St. Jean

Let The Whiskey Hold Me and Miss Jane (Poems) by Jacqueline Platt

Nature and Concrete and Square Boxes (Poems) by John F. Manning

and Light from the Cedarwood Incense and Heart Fireworks (Poems) by Celestial K

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